CHD Drill Rod was designed for deep hole wire line applications, with its strong tool joints, and flexible mid body, it excels in directional drilling applications.

  • Welded tool joints of specially heat treated steel with very high mechanical resistance
  • Superior welding process and weld inspection to ensure optimum concentricity
  • Mid body of annealed cold-drawn, seamless steel tubing
  • Straightness and Hoop Stress controlled tubing
  • Specific thread design for deep hole drilling with very high resistance as to torque and as to extension
  • Can be supplied fitted with RCS inserts

The 73mm MCHD drill rod was developed specifically for challenging extended reach applications, offering over 150% increase in torque strength.

Rod Communication System (RCS):

The need for better drilling management and efficiency in the directional drilling community paved the way for RCS. Using the RCS in DPI rods allows the driller to receive real time survey data to not only directionally drill but also to provide data of the formation being drilled. This improves drilling time and penetration rates by providing LWD and MWD data in real time. Each rod added to the drill string automatically increases the wireline length and is ready for surveying. The RCS is engineered for extended reach and maintains
operational integrity in high operating pressures.