Control Algae in Ponds with the LG Sonic e-line

Reliable chemical-free algae control

  • Integrated Aquawiper™for minimal maintenance
  • Control algae in ponds and golf course ponds
  • Treatment range up to 200m/650ft

Chemical-free Algae Control Solution

A combination of high temperatures, stagnant water, and nutrient overload can result in excessive algae
growth. Causing a depletion of oxygen in the water, release of toxins and taste/odor problems.


The solution is to install one or multiple systems that transmit specific ultrasonic parameters depending on the
type of algae.

Control Algae in Ponds

The LG Sonic e-line is an advanced system that emits specific ultrasonic parameters in order to control algae in
smaller water surfaces such as ponds and golf course ponds.


LG Sonic e-line Features