Control and Monitor Algae with the MPC-Buoy

Complete algae control solution by using ultrasound

  • Sensor package to provide real-time water quality data
  • Control algae in lakes, dams and water reservoirs
  • Treatment range of 500m/1600ft in diameter

Looking for a Complete Algae Control Solution?

A combination of high temperatures, stagnant water, and nutrient overload can result in excessive algae growth. This causes a depletion of oxygen in the water and the release of toxins, as well as taste/odor problems.


The solution is to anchor one or multiple systems that transmit specific ultrasonic parameters depending on the type of algae.

Monitor, Predict and Control Algae With the MPC-Buoy

The MPC-Buoy is a floating solar-powered system that combines real-time water quality monitoring and ultrasonic sound waves to control algae effectively.

1. Monitor Water Quality

The MPC-Buoy provides a complete overview of the water quality by collecting the following parameters every 10 minutes:

  • Chlorophyll α (green algae)
  • Phycocyanin (blue-green algae)
  • pH
  • Turbidity
  • Dissolved Oxygen and
  • Temperature.

2. Predict Algal Blooms

The collected data is delivered in real time via radio, GPRS, or 3G to a web-based software. The web-based software gives a real-time insight in the water quality. Based on our developed algorithm we are able to modify the ultrasonic program to the specific water conditions and predict an algal bloom a few days ahead.

3. Control Algae

Based on the received information, the ultrasonic program can be activated according to the water conditions and type of algae present. This way, it is possible to eliminate existing algae and prevent the growth of new algae.

MPC-Buoy Features


4 ultrasonic transmitters for complete 360 algae control

Treatment range of 500m/1600ft in diameter
Integrated AquawiperTM, an automatic cleansing system for the ultrasonic transmitters
Chameleon technologyTM adjusts the ultrasonic program to the specific water conditions


Solar panels for autonomous power supply

3x 195 Wp high quality solar panels that provide power, all year-round in any country
1x 24 Volt, 40 AMP lithium battery
Switches to energy-saving program during periods of low sun irradiation


Complete sensor package for real-time water quality data

In-situ water quality sensors to provide real-time data
Monitors DO, turbidity, pH, chlorophyll α, phycocyanin, redox, and temperature
Automatic antifouling wiper ensures optimal readings


Floating construction anchored to the bottom of a lake

Aluminium powder coated frame
UV and corrosion resistant construction
Unsinkable floats


Smart communication system for remote control

GSM/GPRS Telemetry Quadband (CDMA, Radio, GPS and Iridium Satellite optional)
Real-time water quality data with the MPC-View software
Integrated alarm functions

Technical Specifications


Water Quality Sensor Package