Prevent Biofouling on ship hulls with the Ecohull

Prevent Biofouling on Ship Hulls with the Ecohull

  • Reduce maintenance and expensive lift outs
  • Prevent biofouling and reduce the use of antifouling paint
  • Treatment range up to 10 meter

Environmentally Friendly Biofouling Prevention Solution

Biofouling growth increases the drag on a hull which results that a ship can consume up to 40% more fuel and
correspondingly produce 40% more CO2 emissions.


The Ecohull is a cost-effective solution to prevent the growth of biofouling on ship hulls. The use of continuous ultrasonic sound waves prevents the accumulation of fouling by driving biomolecules away.

The Advantages of our Technology

  • Reduce maintenance and expensive lift outs
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce the use of antifouling paint

The solution is to deploy multiple ultrasonic transmitters throughout the hull, that transmit ultrasonic waves of
specific frequencies throughout the steel plates of a ship’s hull in order to prevent and control biofouling.