Prevent Biofouling with the LG Sonic Industrial Line

Prevent Biofouling in sea chests, ship hulls and cooling basins

  • Reduce chemical expenses
  • Improve efficiency of heat exchanger and cooling system
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Chemical-Free Biofouling Prevention Solution

Biofouling in closed-loop systems can result in serious negative side effects such as increased chemical consumption, corrosion, increased power requirements of the system, and health and safety implications due to the growth of Legionella or other potentially harmful organisms.

LG Sonic Industrial Line

The LG Sonic Industrial Line provides a cost-effective solution to prevent biofouling with the use of ultrasound technology.

The Advantages of our Technology

  • Prevent the growth of biofouling
  • Reduce chemical expenses
  • Improve efficiency of the cooling system

Prevent Biofouling in Industrial Systems

The LG Sonic Industrial Line is an advanced system that emits specific ultrasonic parameters in order to prevent
biofouling in industrial systems.


LG Sonic Industrial Line Features