FRP Cantilever Sidewalks

Tie Into Existing Structures With Minimal Dead Load – Prefabricated – Lighter Weight

As bicycle and pedestrian traffic grows, safe access for two-wheeled travelers and walkers on vehicle bridges is a serious challenge. The FiberSPAN-C Cantilever Sidewalk has been engineered with FRP decking, steel supports and railings to provide a safe and cost-effective solution.

High-strength, lightweight FRP deck construction allows design engineers to tie into an existing structure with minimal increase in dead load. FiberSPAN-C is ideal for replacing existing, narrow concrete sidewalks or adding new bicycle/pedestrian paths

By prefabricating bridge elements in-house, CA accelerates construction, provides high quality parts and reduces installation costs. Weighing just 20 percent of reinforced concrete, the FRP deck provides a reduced dead load of 4 to 9 psf. The sidewalk system consisting of stringers, deck and railing weighs as little as 13 psf. FiberSPAN-C is corrosion resistant, low maintenance and equipped with a non-slip wear surface.